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6mths or 12mths ?

        Is this offer for 6mths or 12 mths ?    Or does comcast need to correct site ?Screen shot 2012-12-30 at 9.36.51 PM.png

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Re: 6mths or 12mths ?

I believe that there are two different versions of that promotion.

In some areas it is only available as a 6 month deal, that rolls to a slightly higher promotional price for months 7-12, then to normal price after 12 months.

In other areas, there is also a 12 month version, that rolls to the higher price for months 13-24, then after 24 months will go to normal pricing.  That version also includes a 2 year agreement.


I do agree that the website is confusing the way it is currently showing, and I have forwarded that information to be corrected.

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