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Ads for video

It seems to me that I pay a substantial sum for Comcast internet.  I regularly will not watch a video because I don't want to see the advertisement.  Time is short on my end.  How can I bypass the ads?????

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Annoying advertisements

i just can't watch anymore of your home page video clips...the ads are just too annoying.....done watching !



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Advertising  you got to kidding me I pay how much for my net and I get all the advertising? My net should be free if I have to watch your adds. Either that or give me money back for having to watch them...

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Re: Ads for video

Sadly, you can't, not and watch the videos.  Or much of anything else on Comcast.

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Comcast -- What's with all the commericals

Please! Enough with all the commericials. I am watching the Top News videos this morning and there is a commericial (same commericial) between each and every video that plays! Comcast, Please stop running all of these commericials !!

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Re: Ads for video

People who pay money for Comcast (subscribers) should not have to endure the relentless top news video ads which launch automatically when we click a news link from our home page.  If I hear another Diet Coke song or screaming Pampers babies I too will scream.

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Re: Ads for video

Get the browser extension called Adblock Plus.  It will delete the video ad.