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Customer support

I used the on-line chat forum to get help with a problem I have logging on. The guy ends up calling me on the phone to continue with the help - that was fine with me. But what he does is guide me to a customer-satisfaction survey, tells me I need to fill that out first, with all "satisfactory" ratings. I do that. Then he hangs up. How do I take my ratings back? Comcast customer service totally bites. I tried calling the support phone number, where "agents" are available 24/7, and could only get a robot.


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Re: Customer support

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From my personal experience I do not use chat for anything. I have always got people who were clueless. Also, what he told you was totally false.  You do NOT have to fill out the survey unless you choose to. He was just trying to get you to make a satisfactory survey to make him look good.