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Internet Meter STILL GONE!

Help Comcast keeps telling me they will fix my internet meter and they have not. I need it fixed. We watch our TV and movies on the internet and it's hard to manage all of it without the meter. What do I do??

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Re: Internet Meter STILL GONE!

Frankie, try this....


From a post by Comcast Larry the admin on here 10/2/12:


"For the customers not able to view there usage meter please contact Comcast Customer Security Assurance at (877) 807-6581"

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Re: Internet Meter STILL GONE!

Also remember that, except for the trials in Tuscon and Nashville, enforcement of the data cap is suspended.

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Re: Internet Meter STILL GONE!

Is it missing? Is it stuck? What about it needs to be fixed?


If you can't find it:


You are looking in the right place for it? And signing in as the PRIMARY Comcast user account?


Sign in to My Account.


On the account page click the blue Manage Equipment block.


When the page opens look on the right side of the page under Equipment.


There will be a very thin line under Data Usage which is now the usage meter.

For more details click Details.






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