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Junk website and digital service.

The website is JUNK. Every time I click for it to remember me it NEVER does. I haven't cleared cookies or any of the other stuff you're likely to tell me is wrong. It NEVER saves my info. I enter it manually and it fails to work the first time telling me something is wrong. I type in the same info again and it works fine. Trying to watch the Series premiere of The Americans on FX and the TV stops and goes to all crazy "digital" for about 20 minutes causing me to miss out on that portion of the story. All the base channels still worked fine it was only the digital channels. ALL of them went out for about 20 minutes. Matter of fact they are twitching AGAIN as I type this. This is getting ridiculous xfinity. I keep seeing commercials and hearing radio campaigns on how xfinity is so great. Is there no more truth in advertising anymore?

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Re: Junk website and digital service.

There are many ways to watch those shows without going to Comcasts website.