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Quality of Your Home Page.

The quality of your home page is on the par of a 10 year old person.  Obviously, your management personnel are of the ilk as NBC's Today Show.  All of the people of that show are probably in the IQ range of about 10 or lower.  A totally useless program.  Your web page borders on the same.

Get some intelligent personnel in your organization.  This is not the 50's or 60's anymore.  What a waste of money and communication.  Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw should get the Joseph Goebbels award for news  communication.

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Re: Quality of Your Home Page.

If you find the home page so useless why even bother looking at it?  There are millions of other options from which you can choose.  Even a 10-year-old would stop going to a place they didn't like if they had other options.



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Re: Quality of Your Home Page.

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I find your reference to Goebbels very distasteful.

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Re: Quality of Your Home Page.

  I would agree to that , but i am still watching ads to see something I am paying for in a home page .