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Usage Meter gone Ballistic

Has anyone else noticed that their usage meter has gone haywire since last week. I check my usage meter ever few days as  a matter of course and today I found that over the weekend it said we had used more data than we had the rest of the month (January 2013). I went around looking for the culprit and could find nothing on my network using that kind of bandwidth. I even shut it down for an hour and it appears that the usage went up while the modem was turned off!!


Anyone else seeing this problem? I'm about to call Comcast and report the problem, but I know they are going to say it is on my end when of course it can't be on my end if my network is using data with the modem turned off. 

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Re: Usage Meter gone Ballistic

It does say on the site, that it can take up to 24 hours for the meter to update, so unplugging the modem for an hour probably wont make any diff. Have to ask is your network secured ok? Might be worth changing something around in the settings....I am keeping an eye on mine, can't say I've noticed any big jumps.

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Re: Usage Meter gone Ballistic

Since I noticed it this morning I've been monitoring their meter every hour and it has been going up by as much as 5GB every hour. Even if that is lagging by three hours that is more data change in an hour than I typically see in a day until now.


I regularly scan my network for any unknown devices or usage. I have my own usage meters which don't agree 100% with Comcast for whatever reason, but they show no unusual activity.


At this point I'm pretty much convinced the problem is on Comcast's side. Either their meter is mixed up or the Cable modem was going bonkers. I am going to monitor it for the rest of the day and if the problem goes away after rebooting the modem, I'm going to assume that something was going wrong there.


Mostly I wanted to know if anyone else was seeing, or has seen this issue.



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Re: Usage Meter gone Ballistic

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Kinlee wrote: ... it has been going up by as much as 5GB every hour. ...

That's an awful lot for a device that should be idle or nearly so. I'd give Comcast Security Assurance a call -- they might have some ideas about what's going on: 1-888-565-4329 6am-2am Eastern time,


My usage was unusually low in October, November, and December. January seems to be back up to normal so far. Don't know what is (was?) up with that!

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Re: Usage Meter gone Ballistic

Hi - we had the same issue and it turned out to the an issue with google tv, and the music app in particular. It was constantly downloading our music to the device. It was due to a recent glitch in the new google play app, that still has yet to be fixed. So we disabled the music app by unlinking it from our google account. Right away the usage went from two to three gigs every hour or so to nothing.