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WatchESPN error code 308

This wasn't happenign yesterday.

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Re: WatchESPN error code 308

smoledman wrote:

This wasn't happenign yesterday.

Where are you trying to access WatchESPN from? computer, iPhone, Android, Xbox, etc.?


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Re: WatchESPN error code 308

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I can confirm that the error message has been showing up regularly recently on PC.  Doesn't matter if it's Windows or Mac.


I talked to LiveChat, and they were not helpful in debugging the problem.  This problem appears, then suddenly disappears.


I also randomly can't login to WatchESPN using Google Chrome, but I can with Firefox.  Then I suddenly can't login via Firefox, then I can on Google Chrome.


ESPN said the problem is with Comcast authentication servers not synching up with their servers.


This is similiar to the problem posted in this other thread: