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What is "Normal" Usage for a Month? Anyone Know??

Just wondering if anyone knows what a "normal" month of usage is for a home.  We have two laptops and one desktop with not all at once but sometimes two of them.  One of the laptops is our college student's and she is on there a lot since she takes one online class as well as three other classes at the college.  I'm always worried to death about the usage and telling her to get off but that seems hard to do when you're downloading college material for the online class and taking tests online and writing papers and doing research.  Can anyone reassure me that this is not going to go over the 300 mark??  We never had to worry about this with BellSouth but the connection was bad and very slow.  Help!!

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Re: What is "Normal" Usage for a Month? Anyone Know??

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There's "average" usage, but that's only meaningful to Comcast. Data usage varies enormously, from less than 5GB/month for light use, to 10GB/day for heavy use (large file downloads or lots of video streaming).


Comcast provides a Data Usage Meter to help you keep track of how heavily you are using your internet connection. To view the meter, visit the "My Account" / "My Services" page and look under "Equipment" (the meter is only visible when logged in with a primary userid, or with an unrestricted secondary userid with billing access).


Edit to add: Remember that the data cap is still suspended except for customers in the Tuscon and Nashville trial markets.

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Re: What is "Normal" Usage for a Month? Anyone Know??

Also, Bruce, on that page, there is, in small print, VIEW DETAILS.  By clicking that you'll get a 3 month view of past usage.   September, October and November.


That might give the OP a better picture of monthly usage.


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