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Why do I need to allow popups in order to access email?

Why do I now need to allow popups in order to access my email and other items?


This has been going of for a couple of weeks now.

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Re: Why do I need to allow popups in order to access email?

The popup blocker is a brower function. You need to check it to find out the blocking level and adjust it.

If it is set to High it will see some mail functions as popups.

You can also add exceptions to the popup blocker.

If you are using the Internet Explorer pop up blocker included with Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3
these instructions work with IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, and IE10.

Go to Tools at the top of this page.

Internet Options/Privacy tab.

Click on Settings in Pop-up Blocker.

Add the following to the Allow line:


Close out Internet Options..

If you use a different blocker, just look on the bottom of the page to see if you get a notification that one has been blocked when you click on the message. If you do, you can usually click the notification icon and will be able to allow pop ups from *

Post back with the name of the one you use if you can't figure it out, and someone will help you.



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