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Why is the website so cluttered????

I can not believe it took me almost 20 minutes to FIND the page that contains my billing information . Your website is so clutter with 'buy me' junk that I can't find my way to the billing page.I usually google comcast, I go straight to a CLEAN website, click billing and there I am.  Now I feel like I'm enduring a cheating telemarketing company.  Whomever came up with this new 'idea' should be fired.   If you all don't want my money, that's fine, I'll save it.  How about cleaning up that webpage and make it a bit earsier to pay my bill?????  

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Re: Why is the website so cluttered????

The quickest way to get to Billing is to click on MY ACCOUNT or ACCOUNT at the top of a page.

That will direct you into Customer Central.


Customer Central.JPG


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Re: Why is the website so cluttered????

I have my bill automatically paid by having it deducted from my checking account.  That way I avoid the hassle of dealing with viewing my bill to pay it.  Even with that it still is a good idea to check your account monthly to detect any errors. Assuming the tabs in the black line on the home page are in working order, I use them to navigate a lot faster through their maze.  Also, the bottom line here is profit.  They make tons of money selling advertising. Most free websites have a lot of advertising to generate money to support their free service.