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Xfinity is slow

Why does it take so long for xfinity webpage to load and every xfinity page to load so slow? is that because there is so much junk comcast puts on the pages? You have to wait and wait and wait for anything you want to see. I have the 2nd tier of speed but this is still sooooooo slow and very annoying. you would think that for 26 million, Roberts and his crew could get it right.

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Re: Xfinity is slow

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Have you cleared your cache?  Tried a different browser?  Which browser/ version are you using?



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Re: Xfinity is slow

Appears everything is painfully slow on Xfinity today.


Of course calling service at Xfinity just gets you the standard answer of no problems with their equipment in our area (never is!).


Didn't ask if there was equipment problems, just if there is a reason for the reduced speed today.