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Xfinity text messaging - sign up over and over

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I've been using the Xfinity text messaging feature on my home computer.  The problem is that every few days when I go to check text messages aor send one, I'm asked to sign up for the service.  Problem is I've already signed up for it 3 times now.  After I hit Signup, I accept the user agreement and then it's "loading" (for up to an hour or more.)  Then eventually the text messages I'[ve sent and recieved reappear.


It's not a cache or cookies issue.  I can log in and stay logged in one any other website, log in and log out at will.  Including the Xfinity website.  It remembers my login info just fine.  However I have to re-sign up for text messaging.  Not every time but enough for it to be very annoying.