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forums and catergories webpage


Just wondering who had the idea or removing the tabs (shop,support,my account etc) on the forum comcast com and various categories page. Just my opinion another bad idea.

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Re: forums and catergories webpage

Earlier today I noticed that was gone. In the past it has disappeared for a while but usually showed up again after a couple of hours.


The one I used the most was My Account. I also used the Connect tab every once in while for questions about Xfinity Connect and I had to look at XC to find the answer. 


Comcast isn't known for making things user-friendly. If the black bar stays gone they will have proven that again.




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Re: forums and catergories webpage

Yeah, it was handy to have all the links at the top,,,:smileysad:

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Re: forums and categories webpage

Well, today is Friday, have to clear the desks for new and innovative changes to be implemented on Monday..  :smileydevil: :smileywink:


I have noticed that on the page for customer,comcast,com,secure,my services, when selecting the manage equipment button, all of my equipment is unavailable.


Previously that tab did show that there was some sort of technical difficulties within our area, and moving around here within the forums and my services, has been real sllllllllllooooooooooowwwww.


Just observations here in Central Massachusetts..  :smileywink:   Have a good weekend..  :smileyhappy:


ciao, bj

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Re: forums and categories webpage

We're aware of the issue and are working to have the header restored.



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Re: forums and categories webpage

And this morning, for me anyway (in central PA), they're (it's?) back.

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Re: forums and categories webpage

Hi all,


It has been added back and this issue is now resolved.


Joe Support
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