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I am leaving comcast, they are so overtly pro-Obama it is ridiculous. As an independent I find this insulting. Note the article about early voters favoring Obama- all of 936 voters. Total bias and not bothering to investigate the allegations of Libya, etc. Cheap

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I FULLY AGREE 1000%. I am looking into other telephone, internet & cable/dish etc providers myself

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If you'll look at the top of this page, we don't discuss politics here. I will make a note, you will find similar ads

on almost every ISPs page I have ATT and the ads there and the ones here are about the same. It's whose paying that get's tha ads.


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Hi all,


Just to add on to what CajunTek said: publishes content from a variety of sources:


Questions or comments regarding a particular article or video should be directed to the news provider (for example, AP, Reuters, CBS News, ABC News, Fox News, etc.) responsible for that story.  If you would like to know which news source provided the article, you can usually find it in the copyright information at the end of the article or in the caption of the video.


Feedback regarding home page headlines or other content created by editors will be forwarded to the editorial team. is committed to providing accurate and unbiased coverage of all political parties and presidential candidates.


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