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XfinityTV IPAD app has program listing off by one day

I have used the xfinity tv application on my Ipad for pretty much since it launched.  It's definitely had it's bugs which over time get corrected and I generally like it, but now it's doing something that I just can't figure out. 


When I open up the app it shows all of the stations and programs. I can change the channel, but the show that is showing up on the screen on my IPAD is at the right time, but is the show for TOMORROW - not now, not in the present time.  For example on the app it will say that Titanic is starting at 7:00 PM on AMC, so I click Titanic and then touch the "Watch On TV" button and it does change channel to AMC but NO TITANIC.  I check and sure enough Titanic is showing, but not until 7:00 PM TOMORROW night.  It's off by a day EXACTLY.  I know this because I click on the "Today" button next to the times and sure enough I change it to the next day and what is currently showing up on the TV is what is showing up on the app as tomorrow. 


The only way I've been able to fix this is to delete the application and then add it back, which takes about 2 minutes.  However, the fix only lasts about a day and sure enough I come home from work, open the app, and it's off by a day once again.


I can't figure it out.  Anyone else have their TV programming off synch by a day?  If so, how did you fix it?  Thanks,