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30 second skip

Upon installation of two X1 DVRs I told the tech that without the 30 second skip programable on the older Motorola DVRs I would be very unhappy and probably return the new units for the older models.  He contacted his supervisor who said it was probably doable, and 3 days later the default 5 minute skip of the X1 had be reprogramed to 30 seconds.  The reprograming was done remotely and not at my house so this feature should be available to all of you who desire/require/demand it. 

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Re: 30 second skip

It can be done using the remote itself. Not sure how it's done remotely though.
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Re: 30 second skip

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EDIT: Never mind the question. I found what I believe to be the answer but have not tested to confirm these instructions.


the page up button (pg) is set by default to skip ahead 5 minutes. you can reprogram the box itself so that a page up command will instead skip ahead 30 seconds. from the xfinity xr2 remote, press "Exit" button 3 times, the press "0030".

then try the xfinity xr2 remote, start playing a recording, press "pg up" button. it should now skip 30 seconds.


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Any idea on how to get it back to 5 mins?


You follow the same process indicated above, but instead of 0030, you use 0500.


The 4 digit code is minutes in if you want to do 10 minutes 1000, 45 seconds 0045.


I have only tested 0500 and 0030.

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Re: 30 second skip

Great tip and is just what I was seeking.  I'd gladly give up a 5-minute skip for a 30-second skip any day!  I did notice, though, that reprogramming the Pg-up button to 30 seconds forward also reprogrammed the Pg-down button to 30-seconds back.

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Re: 30 second skip

Thanks for the info.  Just one additional piece that may be obvious to most of you...

The cable box needs to be on and not playing a DVR recording.  The remote must be pointed towards the cable box.  At least for me, this left me in the search window for channel 0030.  After a few seconds, I pushed Exit again and got back to the regular program.  30 second skip worked great with the next DVR recording.

Again, I know this may be obvious to everyone else, but just in case anyone is having any issues....Thanks again for the tip.