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4 Tuner DVR

Any more news on the 4 tuner DVR for Comcast ?

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Re: 4 Tuner DVR

Nothing from Comcast other than the trial in Augusta GA, but the Tivo 4 tuner DVR is coming soon, check Tivo's web site.

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Re: 4 Tuner DVR



The information provide by Jay is correct. Lets us know if you need more assistance.

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Re: 4 Tuner DVR

Tivo just came out with a 4 tuer DVR, they call it the Tivo Premire Elite.  It goes for $499.99 and then you will need a subscription on top of that. Go to for info.

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Re: 4 Tuner DVR

ok, so it has been over a year since we heard about this comcast 4 tuner dvr in this thread i found thru google no less.  SO WHATS UP AND WILL COMCAST GO TO MPEG-4 COMPRESSION?  Mr Teds?  you will be the only one who can find out it seems.  thanks.

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Re: 4 Tuner DVR

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Well we're coming up on TWO full YEARS since the 4-tuner Comcast DVR was being "tested" and there's been nary a word about it here.


I've had Comcast for many years now but I'm pretty fed up at this point with all the info they DON'T bother sharing with their customer base. We even had an official Comcast representative presence here but still there's nary a word about this important issue.


I've had a two-tuner Comcast DVR and have enjoyed it but given today's programming there are many times both tuners are busy recording shows and I either want to watch a third channel or record one, and I can't tell you how many times TV shows will be on at conflicting times that require the use of more than only two tuners. If for nothing else you need a third tuner just to handle "clipping" issues. When I first got my Comcast DVR I thought two tuners would be more than adequate, and for a while it WAS, that is until I realized how much I started using it to record shows, and clipped parts of the beginning or end of shows. However, anymore with all the recording I do two tuners are simply NOT enough. It's not even close anymore.


I understand Comcast had been testing a four-tuner DVR and in my opinion there's been more than enough time to make some kind of determination if they're gonna market it or not, so what's the deal here? Is there or isn't there a four-tuner DVR available from Comcast? I'm really tired of seeing all these other services who offer "watch from any room" and "FIVE-tuner" DVR's from all their competition. 


So do they have a new DVR or don't they? Can Comcast compete or can't they? Do they finally have a three or four-tuner DVR or don't they? If not, I guess I need to switch to another service because there's just too many other fish in the sea to have to settle for this.

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Re: 4 Tuner DVR

Apparently it's a big secret, or Comcast is totally happy with being the about the only service that still uses a two-tuner DVR. Every day I get bombarded with TV commercials of all the other television programming companies that offer equipment far superior to that of what Comcast has to offer.


Apparently they just don't care...