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Cable box keeps freezing up/crashing

My new cable box keeps freezing up and stops responding.  I have to reset it by unplugging and replugging.  It's happening so often (3-4 times in one evening) that watching tv is a chore.  Anyone else having this issue?  It's a Motorola DCX3400.  Did I just get a faulty one? 



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Re: Cable box keeps freezing up/crashing

You might have a bad box, the drive might be failing, but it also might be overheating.


Make sure you have 3 inches open air on all sides and that it is not stacked on top of other equipment.  You can check the box temperature by doing the following:


Turn off the box, and right away press the red OK button. 

The diag page will come up. 

Arrow down to D13 DVR / Hard drive status. 

Scroll down to the 2nd page, and near the bottom it will show the temp of the box. 




You can take the box and remote to your local office for a swap, and see it that helps.