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Comcast DVR Rates

I assume when one first sets up with comcast that the equipment (cable box et al) are3 rented and part of the monthly bill is for these items.  Now if one is to opt for a DVR which replaces the cable box why isn't the rental charge for the box taken off the bill when the DVR fee is addsed???  Seems like $16.95 for the irem is a bit much.  I currently pay  $65.99 for Starter PKG with Basic and Expanded basic with DCH70 box.  Seems like an anti trust suit might be applicable as one does not have many choices!

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Re: Comcast DVR Rates

Replacing the primary cable box with a DVR would add about $8.00 to the cost since the primary box is included in most digital TV plans. 


Now that most all the Std Def DVR's have been retired and only High Def DVR's are available, in most area's it is mandatory to add the HD Technology fee to the monthly costs at an additional $8.95 or so depending on the market area.  That's where the $16.95 comes into the price.


For subscribers with HD equipment and paying the HD technology fee, then replacing a full cable box with a DVR adds $8.00 for each DVR to the monthly fee plus a one time setup fee for adding the DVR.

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Re: Comcast DVR Rates

I just was quoted a price of $16.95 per DVR. We do not have any type of HD stuff. So if I take into account I am paying $7.95 per cable box then it is not even $10.00 per box- to get the DVR boxes for my house. Well if this is true then I will have to cancel my tivo service and switch over because I would be saving enough on my 3 boxes to make it worth the switch.

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Re: Comcast DVR Rates

It's just comcast just bend over.

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Re: Comcast DVR Rates

There are packages out there that include a DVR in the cost.
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Re: Comcast DVR Rates

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Check current rates with Comcast.