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Comcast service stinks

Comcast service stinks. (To be a polite as I can right now)


I drove to the office, and swapped the older cable box that had problems with the video.  The new one works for a few minutes then cuts out leaving only a blank screen.


After FOUR calls trying to get it set correctly, I am told that I will have to wait a week for an appointment with a technician to come out and work on the problem.  Meanwhile I have no cable tv service.


So much for the happy, happy commercials about how hard they work on customer satisfaction.

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Re: Comcast service stinks

what box is it and how do you have it connected to the tv?  does comcast have all the info to put the new box onto your account?  was it even added to your account.  have you unplugged it to reset it.

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Re: Comcast service stinks

Thank You