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Confused. Xfinity vs Comcast cable tv

I'm confused by what the difference is between xfinity tv and Comcast cable tv. I have Comcast cable tv and Internet and would like to watch tv programs that I get on my tv but missed, on my computer so I can catch up with what I missed. But, if I try to access a program on Comcast .com I'm telling me to sign up for Xfinity tv for another $30/mo!!!! I'm already giving them $115/mo for tv/internet. Surely I don't have to pay again for shows I already get on my tv. Or do I? Obviously, I won't pay twice for the same thing. I'll go to Hulu or Netflix if I can't get it from the provider I'm already paying a small fortune to.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Re: Confused. Xfinity vs Comcast cable tv

xfinity is just a name change for comast nothing more.  You can only watch on demand type shows on your pc not live tv.  If you login to your account at you can watch those type of shows on your pc, basically on demand things or premium channels you pay for.

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Re: Confused. Xfinity vs Comcast cable tv

The Xfinity was just a name change for Comcast cable, there is nothing different on the service plans or packages.


The push of additional features like caller ID on pc & TV, web based DVR scheduling & channel change, web based watching of TV shows, Smartphone features and similar are part of the new branding of Xfinity.


There certainly is no change in pricing for anyone if your area has been rebranded to Xfinity yet.


Any price changes would need to be looked into for your specific account and plan, but has nothing to do with the Xfinity name change.

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Re: Confused. Xfinity vs Comcast cable tv

Thank you for answering.  I know I can't watch "live" on my computer but thought I should be able to watch the shows after they'd aired but was told I had to subscribe to do it and it was for a channel I already have on my cable subscription. 

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Re: Confused. Xfinity vs Comcast cable tv

Normally you log into this using the same account you use for email.  There is no seperate subscription for the "online version" of on demand.

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Re: Confused. Xfinity vs Comcast cable tv

"It's just a name change and there is no difference" is the answer I've been given by every person I've asked at Comcast/infinity for the last six months or so. I don't care what they call themselves, of course. But it is confusing and leads to problems for people who think one means a certain level of service and the other is additional services. It is just another example of the poor quality service offered by Comcast/infinity! The individuals who work there are fine. Some of them are excellent! They should, at a minimum, be given the reason this question doesn't have a reasonable answer!
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Re: Confused. Xfinity vs Comcast cable tv

The company formerly known as Southwestern Bell bought out the AT&T name, including both land lines and wireless. Today's AT&T is only a reincarnated Baby Bell (look it up). The "new" AT&T invented the "U-Verse" brand. In response, the old-timers at Comcast came up with "Xfinity." Just a brand name, nothing more.

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Re: Confused. Xfinity vs Comcast cable tv

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Comcast is the company. Xfinity is the product brand name.


It's no different from Kellogg's Corn Flakes.


Kellogg's, company name.


Corn Flakes, product brand name.


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