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DC50X green light blinking twice

I experienced a brief power outage yesterday and since, my bedroom cable has posted the "...service temporarily interupted, should return shortly".  It has been this way for approx 24hrs.  My cable service in all other rooms/boxes works just fine.  The box in the bedroom is a DC50X (basic box); I have disconected it multiple times, restarted it, etc and the service remains unavail, however, the green light is blinking twice.  What else can I do to regain service?

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Re: DC50X green light blinking twice

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You can try reactivating the boxes online in some area's by going to enter your account number, and there should be a link of your devices.  There you can try and reactivate the boxes.


Otherwise, please call Comcast support for them to try and reactivate the DTA's.