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DTA Box Does not change channels

I received and installed two DTA boxes at my house.


Everything works EXCEPT I can't change the channel.  The TV guide channel comes up and it will not change.  The remote is communicting with the box because if I press the numbers they display on the screen.  But the channel will not change.


Does anyone have any idea what to do about this problem?


And a follow up question...  I called comcast support to ask about this and they said "your remote is broken bring it in and exchange it for another one".  So my question is has anyone ever called Comcast support and actually gotten a correct answer? 

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Re: DTA Box Does not change channels

Same problem with both DTAs?  Did they ever work?  Did you follow the installation instructions?  When you say everything else works, what really does work?
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Re: DTA Box Does not change channels

Is this problem happening on both DTA boxes?  Is there an Enter or OK key on the remote that you have to press after entering the channel number?  Can you change the channel manually from the box?
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Re: DTA Box Does not change channels

I called Comcast support after realizing that there was no way what the first person I talked to made any sense. 


After going thru the whole situation again.

The box is on.

The light is on.

The cables are connected per the installation guide.

When you type a number the number apprears on the screen (but the channel does not change, it is stuck on TV guide channel).  There is an enter key on the remote but pushing it after a number does not make it work.

The remoted power and volume controls work on the TV.

Both boxes and remotes work exactly the same way.


So we go thru the whole thing and he gets the box serial number and says he can communicate with the box.  Then he resets the box remotely and the problem is resolved.


So if you DTA box gets stuck on a channel...Call support and give them the box serial number and ask them to reset it.