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Re: DVR Repeat Stickie (Updated 07/15/09)

andyross wrote:

rardin wrote:
I noticed last night that at least one program for which I've set up a series recording (House Hunters International) now seems to have proper Repeat flags.  As others have noted, however, this had no automatic impact on what the DVR was planning to record.  I'll have to try some of the tricks to shake things up this weekend to see if my DVR will honor the Repeat flags.

Unfortunately, there appears to be another bug. It seems as if a series program is set to record because it had no flag, it will not automatically clear if a REPEAT flag is then added. Yesterday, I had to go through the priority list and do the 'new and repeat' and back to 'new only' for several shows.



I went through the same process for all of my series over the weekend and, thankfully, things are more or less back to normal.  There are still a handful of repeat episodes that are set to record because the guide data for them is generic.  Other episodes of the same shows have full info.  The problematic episodes are all set to air close to two weeks from now, so maybe the guide info for them will be fleshed out before the shows actually air and the DVR will skip recording them once it has better data.