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ERS mess on DVR box

My DVR box has a weird message on it, ERS. All my other boxes are out too. When I try to reset the box by unplugging it, the time and channel reset then goes right back to saying ERS. No picture nothing, any help!
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Re: ERS mess on DVR box

EAS is emergency alert system, hopefully Comcast is doing a emergency test and it will go away soon.


Test are run at times to test the emergency system. 


What's your location, town & state?

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Re: ERS mess on DVR box

I am in zip code 94030

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Re: ERS mess on DVR box

Appologes for the issue you're having. Due to federally mandated required equipment testing in your area, which is supposed to be done once a week at random times and days, you experienced the EAS or emergency alert system test. Comcast as well as all other cable and wireline providers primarey goal is to accomplish the testing when it is the least disruptive for their customers, which is why the general schedule is not during major sporting events, Presidential events, and primetime schedule and instead either early morning, late morning, or early afternoon.