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Hooking up DVD/VCR combo with HD Box

I recently had an hd box put in my bedroom with a vcr and dvd combo, I would like to set up. I have an hd TV made by Emerson and a magnavox, which I would also like to record with. Can anyone help me set this help? I have tried so many times and when contacted techs but their directions are to confusing and make no sense. Also, what channel would I need to set it with to record from the TV since it is on video now?

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Re: Hooking up DVD/VCR combo with HD Box

you run the cable coax wire to the in port on the cable box.  you run the out port on the cable box to the in port on the dvd vcr and then you run the out on that to the tv input, its very simple.  everything has an in and an out.   The question is how are you going from the box to the vcr and then from the vcr to the tv?  are you using rca (red white yellow) connectors, are you using coax or even hdmi?  You would also need to put the vcr on channel 3 ( some areas use 4) and then you would choose the input number on your tv that you are connected to with the input button on your tv remote.   If you don't understand that please post back and someone will try to explain it again.

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Re: Hooking up DVD/VCR combo with HD Box