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Hooking up DVD player to TV and cable box

How do I hook up a DVD player to my slightly older (2001?) TV and cable box? I do not need a digital converter for Comcast service.    And then, how do I actually view the DVD being played?   Thanks!  The TV is cable-ready, but not HDTV or flat-screen or such.

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Re: Hooking up DVD player to TV and cable box

The cable shouldn't be involved in hooking a DVD player to the TV.  What outputs are available from the DVD player and what inputs are available on the TV?  You can use composite (red, white, yellow RCA) connectors if those are available.
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Re: Hooking up DVD player to TV and cable box

In addition, in order to view and/or watch your DVD you need to switch the input located on your remote control that came with your TV. In order for someone to help you, you need to explain what cables you have and what is on your DVD player and the back of your TV. If it is an older TV it most likely will use composite (red, white and yellow). There are tons of diagrams. If you look in your TV manual it will give you a diagram as well. If you no longer have it try going online to the manufacturer and I am sure you can find one there. Hope this helps.