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Motorola RNG200N

We have this new DVR - and it is labelled as RNG200N - but with a Motorola embossed case.

So... what is this - cisco or motorola ?



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Re: Motorola RNG200N

The RNG150's and RNG200's have been labeled for both brand of boxes.  The RNG150's have been marked for both Moto and Cisco for a while already, the DVR's are being branded as RNG200N's just recently.


What you have would be a Motorola DVR for Motorola systems.


The RNG idenity is a Comcast thing and nothing to do  with the real model numbers or Mfr's of the boxes.


RNG100, SD box

RNG110 and RNG150 HD box

RNG200 and RNG200N HD DVR

RNG210N Spectrum trial DVR




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Re: Motorola RNG200N

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