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Moving shows from DVR to my DVD recorder

Before Xfinity rolled out, there was an option to take shows recorded on DVR and record them on DVD-R using my VHS/DVD player/recorder.  Now there is no option that I can find to do this.  I need help!!!!  Why can't I access my DVR from my computer and copy shows to DVD via the computer?!!

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Re: Moving shows from DVR to my DVD recorder

there are many threads on this board relating to the topic of the ports now being disabled.  Below is one of them.

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Re: Moving shows from DVR to my DVD recorder

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That option was removed.  You can feed the output of the DVR into the input of the VHS/DVDR/etc.


I no longer see an option to copy a program I recorded on my DVR to a VCR. Is there another way to do this?
Yes, you can still copy programs recorded on your DVR to a VCR or DVD recorder using the audio and video outputs on the set-top box. Connect the audio/video cables from the set-top box to the audio and video inputs of the VCR or DVD recorder. Then to copy a DVR recording, just push RECORD on the VCR or DVD recorder while the DVR recording is playing. The copy occurs in real time which means a one hour program will take one hour to transfer over. The TV set and set-top box cannot be used while the transfer is taking place so you may want to copy programs overnight.