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New HD box and on-demand not working (SLC, UT area)

We changed our original (silver) SD DVR box at the Comcast service center yesterday, receiving a Motorola RNG200N HD box in return (I believe that internally at Motorola this is a DCX3501-M box).


We had trouble getting it set up and working yesterday - our set up is:


Cable into splitter with one line to Cable In on the RNG200N and one to the Xfinity internet modem (an Arrid TM602G/CT).

HDMI (as sold to us by the Comcast service center) to the Onkyo AV receiver


HDMI cable out of the AV receiver into the Panasonic plasma tv.


It took two phone calls yesterday to get the HD box showing a picture on any channel, but eventually it did.  We still had problems seeing on-demand, but decided to leave it overnight in case it was a loading time issue.


This morning, we've gone back in and chosen on demand HD channels and get a message stating:


"In order to start cable service for this device, please contact your cable provider.


CableCARD ID: numbers

Host ID: numbers

Data: number


UnitAddres: numbers

Card S/N: MTalphanumeric

eCM MAC: Unknown

Host MAC: 00:00:00:00:00:00




where, obviously, the 'numbers' are actual numbers, hyphen-separated.


My wife tried calling again today, and basically the only options given were a visit by a technician for $50, pay $2.99 a month for the service cover agreemement, or return the box to the service center 13 miles away tomorrow.


As we only picked up the box yesterday, it seems a little rich to ask us to pay either the technician call-out fee or the service cover monthly charge, when it would appear that we were provided with faulty equipment less than 24 hours ago.


Any ideas on what would have gone wrong? The extra HD channels seem to be working (I think that we have the full HD Xfinity package including phone and internet), it's just On Demand that is still causing trouble 

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Re: New HD box and on-demand not working (SLC, UT area)

your account is probably not coded correctly at comasts office.   Looks like the mac address of the box is not associated correctly with your account at comast.  What I would do is wait until until this week and call comast back.  The people who are around on the weekend and really the best, wait till tomorrow when the real folks come back and then try calling again and tell them it seems your box is not added properly to your account.   Start there.  If your on demand was working before the box swap then it should work now. 

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Re: New HD box and on-demand not working (SLC, UT area)

The CableCARD is not fully activated, I've had this is in the past.  You can call Customer Service and ask that they send a CableCARD Validation hit.  This will clear out the screen you are seeing.  You should not need a tech visit or drive back.

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Re: New HD box and on-demand not working (SLC, UT area)

Thanks to you both - called them back and mentioned the MAC address not being present so they re-sent something and all is now working.


Pity the two other customer service reps didn't fix it, but hey ho.


It works, and that is what's important :smileyhappy: