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New Software Update Message on Adapter



We had cable added to our comcast account this past Thursday and got two cable boxes, one of the big boxes and an adapter. With the adapter, I get a message every 10-20 minutes saying "Please give us a moment to prepare your adapter for new software. This process should take about 20 minutes to install." I tried calling comcast to help, but it ended up making the box not work. When the adapter stopped working, I switched it with the big cable box and it worked just fine, no message or anything. I went and had the adapter switched out for a new one, but the message keeps popping up on the new adapter as well. Is this a problem others are experiencing as well? And how do I fix it to make the message stop popping up? It is very frustrating and interrupts our programming. I would just get another big box, but I want to avoid the 8.75 fee every month. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!!!

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Re: New Software Update Message on Adapter

I have been having the exact same problem for several months.  I just called Comcast and the representative hung up on me because she had no idea what I was talking about.  Hopefully, someone will see this post and have an idea on how to fix the repeated "update software" message that continually pops up every 20 minutes.

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Re: New Software Update Message on Adapter

Ever since the digital transport adapter was installed, this annoying message keeps appearing every 10 minutes:


Please give us a moment to prepare your adapter for  new software - delivered excluslively from Comcast.

This typically takes less than 20 minutes but it'll be worth the wait.  Your adapter may automatically reset during this process.


If anyone has any ideas on how to eliminate this, please give us a shout.





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Re: New Software Update Message on Adapter

I have had two Comcast basic (Motorola DTA 100/2305/000 Platform ID 560 Phase I) digital boxes for about a year when this problem appeared on both of mine. Staring in February 2013 I get the following message on the screen EVERY 10 minutes which causes an interruption of about 15 seconds.


Please give us a moment to prepare your

Adapter for new software - delivered

exclusively by Comcast

this typically takes less than 20 minutes

But it will be worth the wait. Your adapter will

Automatically reset during the process


I have called tech support and they did their non-magic and was elevated to the 2nd tier (well at least the said I was transferred to the next level). The 2nd tier techie gave me about 30 seconds of their time and told me to return my adapter for an exchange. Brought home the new adapter and the problem was evident from the start. So I have had the issue for two months and my brief search of the internet has evidence of other non-Comcast cables companies with the same issue but no definitive solutions for a home sleuth to try. 


What else have I tried: Unplugged my splitter and directly connected the adapter AND left it that was for 24 hours.


What will I try next:  Look for a new TV service provider. As it seems no one has bothered resolve this problem or EVEN bother to add it to level I tech support known problems.