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No audio on AMC

I am intermittently having audio cut out on AMC. It is happening w greater frequency. I have no other problems w other channels. This is on a second tv w the digital adaptor. My primary TV w the cable box is working fine.

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Re: No audio on AMC

Press the LANG button on the DTA remote. Go to the channels that are losing sound and do it on them.

Sometimes either that button gets accidently pushed or a signal gets misinterpreted setting the box into a SAP or other language mode.


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Re: No audio on AMC

It worked.  That was simple...  Thank you! 


Weird that you would set your english / spanish channel-by-channel, but okay :smileyhappy:



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Re: No audio on AMC

Thanks! I was having the same problem. But everything was in Spanish. Wired that you switch it channel by channel.