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No signal

I was watching TV - screen went blank and a now signal message appeared.  I have done the following:


turned TV off and on several times - no change

disconnected and powered down the connections to Comcast signal box - it is one of the small black ones and then reconnected and powered on again

TV has power

Check the 3 other TVs in my house and they are all getting a signal




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Re: No signal

Does the tv get a picture of any type connected directly to the coax?

Have you tried a different box on that outlet to that tv and does it get a picture?


If you get a picture doing either of the above the box needs to be replaced.


If you don't get a picture then you need to double check the connection off the splitter for that line to make sure it is tight, may need to replace the splitter, or have a technician come out to check the signal strengths.