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Pace PR150BNM Cable Box

Just wondering when the owner's manual for this model will be added to "Owners Manuals" page.

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Re: Pace PR150BNM Cable Box

the owners manual really does not tell you anything except about the basic hardware.  Once a company like comcast loads its software on it, it takes the box over disabling most all input ports and others as well.  What exactly are you looking to find out.?

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Re: Pace PR150BNM Cable Box

How do I set up the Pace Pr250BNM to control volume through cable box not tv?

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Re: Pace PR150BNM Cable Box

I get it. Comcast changes (re-programs) the remote; but, I still need a user manual. It would be nice if comcast added a section on their own modifications also; but, I need to be certain of all the connections in the back of the box so I don't put stuff in the wrong hole!