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Picture Freeze

I noticed while watching NCAA games that sparatic freezing of picture along with green light flashing on my Pace DC50x digital box. I have unplugged for over 30 minutes twice so far. No matter what channel I chose it keeps happening.


I have called comcast, thru automated system got to the resend signal??


 I am currently watching 76ers vs Miami game & it is still doing the picture freeze & flashing light.


Am I in need of new equipment???



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Re: Picture Freeze


Picture freezing is usually caused by low signal. Since you already tried resetting the box and calling comcast and they sent a signal to the box the next step is to have a service tech come out.

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Re: Picture Freeze

I've had the same problem for over a year. Comcast has been out 5 or 6 times. I've replaced my DVR 4 or 5 times but it is still a problem. I finally gave up on them being able to fix it. I wish you luck but I wouldn't hold my breath on them fixing it.

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Re: Picture Freeze

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Sounds just like Comcast!! I have the same problem that just started, randomly it freezes up for a second or two, it's annoying but maybe easier than dealing with Comcast's non fixes! I think I'll just try exchanging the explorer DVR and hope that fixes it.   

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Re: Picture Freeze

It's probably a signal issue and not the DVR.  Get a tech out to confirm you signals and he will fix it if they are out of spec.

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Re: Picture Freeze

tech said signal to neighborhood" sucks" causing non stop problems.Thanks.