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Re: DVR Repeat Stickie

Hey George, hows it going on this?

Still waiting since last Fall. 


I do see you found the time to lock up my suggestion to call Comcast and ask for (and receive) a credit each and every month the DVR Service doesn't work as promised?

Good to know that Comcast is dedicated to fixing their revenue stream - if not their service. 



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Re: DVR Repeat Stickie

It isn't locked.  It's just been moved out of the examples thread and into a separate one.
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Re: DVR Repeat Stickie

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ONe of many


Motorola 3416, USA HD. BurnNotice, 1am.......thanks <removed>!!!!  Erased my SuperBowl recording...for this low capicity HDD and no ability to add on....this is BS and poor TV Guide..I am seriously <removed> now...14.95 for a VCR...I'm done...


Yeah go ahead QuweenEvie say that I should of protected it...thanks <removed>....has anyone ever even given you Kudos... <removed> I'm done cancelled right NOW!


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Re: DVR Repeat Stickie

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LinkNuc wrote:


Yeah go ahead QuweenEvie say that I should of protected it...thanks you worthless poster....has anyone ever even given you Kudos...f it I'm done cancelled right NOW!

HUH???!!! What are you ranting about?


You may as well stick a fork in it and call it done.

31 with this user name, and about that same number for my previous user name.


Been a long time since anyone's called me worthless, so thank you. It's nice to know I'm not losing my touch with it. 


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