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Remote control

How do You add and delete favorite on the remote control of the comcast custom DVR3-device

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Re: Remote control


 You are able to set up a list of Favorite Channels and use that as your primary on-screen guide. In fact, you can set up multiple favorite lists for different people in your household or you can set up Favorites lists by genre (Movies, Sports, etc).


Here is how to set up a Favorites List: Using the silver Comcast remote control, press the Menu button twice, then select Setup, then Favorite List Setup. Select Set Up Favorite List and follow the on-screen instructions to add channels to your list. You can also name each list. After the Favorites List is created, you can access it and cycle through it by pressing the FAV button on the Comcast remote control (the FAV button is to the left of the channel up/down button). I hope that helps.