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TV Wireless Receiver

Has Comcast taken any actions to provide its customers with a TV wireless receiver system and if so when will this system be available?

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Re: TV Wireless Receiver

Probably have better luck investigating 3rd party wireless devices.  Comcast is not exactly on the leading edge of technology..YMMV

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Re: TV Wireless Receiver

I was browsing the net and topics here searching for a similar answer. I've seen all the wireless a/v solutions out there, but none explain the situation I'm looking for. They all involve simply extending your main cable box to view a second TV in a different room.


I would like to hook up a second TV, using a DTA, without having to run cables. Is it possible to use one of these many wireless a/v to accomplish this? 

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Re: TV Wireless Receiver

You can't extend the coax signals to any cable box input wirelessly.


The only TV provider with a wireless box is U-Verse.