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Where is TNT HD and TBS HD?

I am a Comcast customer in Germantown, TN and I recently added an HD box. For a few days, I received TNT HD on ch. 826, and TBS HD on ch. 842. Then, those channels suddenly disappeared replaced by a notice "Not Authorized, to order contact Comcast."


I have called and went on the chat support to get an explanation of what is going on, and I was told there are "outages" in my area and that technicians are working on it. I'm not sure what to believe anymore. Can someone from Comcast please explain with authority why I am not receiving these channels anymore, when I was told by a Comcast representative that I would. Are there really "outages" ? in the 38138 service area and if so, when will they be fixed.


thank you! 

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Re: Where is TNT HD and TBS HD?

A "Not authorized" message indicates that the channel is not included in your cable package, or your cable box has not been properly provisioned for you to receive it.  Call 1-800-COMCAST to have them determine whether you should be receiving the channels, and if so they may be able to send a signal to the box to fix the problem.