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Windows 7 Media Center screwed after digital transition

I have a Windows 7 Media Center setup that worked like a charm with a Hauppauge 2250. Until recenty, before Comcast encrypted the channels, I could watch and record 2 different shows (the Hauppauge card has 2 tuners) at the same time.

Two days ago the channels were encrypted so I've been trying to setup the DTA box to work  with my Media Center setup.


According to this site and other posts in Windows Media Center message boards the 2250 can be configured to work with Comcast DTA box.  This site  illustrates the process:


It is supposed to work: cable from the wall to DTA, from DTA (coax) to HTPC (TV Tuner) and together with the IR Blaster which changes channel on the DTA and MCE together.

I have been trying to do this without success.  Windows Media Center doesn't seem to find the right channel and after repeated attempts now it won't even recognize the remote during setup. Have anybody else been thru this in the forum?

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Re: Windows 7 Media Center screwed after digital transition

The whole digital transition has screwed HTPC users big time. The only way as of right now to get the encrypted channels to work with an HTPC post-transition is to have a CableCard tuner/capture card. While those are a bit expensive and harder to find the good news is that the CableCard solutions will let you watch and record pretty much any channel outside of PPV channels.