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Wireless Cable?

Is it possible to get a wireless device hooked up to my cable box so that I can watch TV in a bedroom. I don't want to string a cable.

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Re: Wireless Cable?

There are some, and most are of low quality, so if you pick on up, make sure you can return it.


Here's an example LINK .  Others are also available by doing a online search for "wireless TV transmitter"

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Re: Wireless Cable?

What is required to set up a network of televisions, within a home, to operate those televisions wirelessly. 

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Re: Wireless Cable?

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The scope of this question is a little bit beyond this forum (AVSforum may be better ) as there are just so many variables but in general:


There are two components, the wireless network itself and getting the tv signal onto the network.

For a wireless video network you really need to think about a dedicated setup that isn't shared by every other device in the house.  5GHz-N networks often work best as they have the least interference from other devices however you can make a normal wireless N work if you pay attention to distance, use directional antennas etc.  Distance is the primary factor that will determine how many HD data streams you can support; one is easy, multiple requires more attention to detail.  


The second issue is getting the video signal onto the network.  Depending on what you want to use as a source device, a sling box works fairly well.  If you are dealing with unencrypted ClearQAM content, an HD Homerun is excellent.  But be aware the industry is moving away from non  "copy-protected"  and non-encrypted content making media distribution far more difficult that it was in the past. 

The combination of Windows 7 media center and Xboxes as media center extenders can handle just about any content (even most encrypted) using cable card tuners.   MythTV and a cablecard tuner can handle content that does not have too many copy protection flag restrictions on it.