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Yesterday Install - and then - Within Hours

Signal was going in and out - stinks.


The install comes with HD and trying to watch HBO and the signal is going out every 2 minutes and staying out for about 10 seconds.


Then the installer could NOT make connectivity to my wireless router and to my modem.


Is this the start of a terrible and long road of just bad service?


Should I just cut the whole Comcast thing?


See THIS is what I was afraid of and it's only 24 hours.


By law I have 2 more days to dump them.


Any thoughts?

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Re: Yesterday Install - and then - Within Hours

I received a better modem with a built-in router yesterday from Comcast. I did not order this, and I believe that someone may have read this content and went ahead and made the upgrade.


Thank you!


To whoever may have seen this post, and figured that an upgraded modem is what I needed --- thank you!



I do plan to keep the Triple Play...and though I miss having TV, hopefully by Saturday, this signal problem will be solved.