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channels not all working

since yesterday i've had an issue where not all my channels are working.  i get this message on the screen saying channel will be available shortly.  i thought it was just an issue at the time but now it's been over 24 hrs.  some channels work, not all of them.  the normal channels all work like 2,4, 7, the hd versions of those work as well.  as far as i've looked no other hd channels work, which all did before and only 1 of my hbo channels is working and i currently subscribe to hbo, showtime and starz.  anyone else having this issue?

of course comcast wants to charge me to come out and take a look at it when nothing on my end has changed at all. 

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Re: channels not all working

This could be caused by a weak signal, which can affect only certain channels. Check the connections to the cable box, especially the incoming coax, and eliminate any unnecessary splitters.

To check signal strength with a Motorola box, tune to the offending channel, turn off the box with the remote, then within two seconds hit "OK/Select." This will bring up the diagnostics screen. Select "Inband Status" (probably page d04) and look for "SNR" for the tuner(s). This value should be in the mid to upper 30s. You may be able to improve the signal strength by adding a signal amplifier to the incoming cable line.

It also may be a weak signal caused by problems outside your house, in which case a call to 1-800-COMCAST to have them send out a tech to check on it may be of benefit.

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Re: channels not all working

Hi I have the same problem with one channel.

Comcast says everytjhing is ok

But i have no adequate reception on one channel only

Any thoughts

If you suggest the co axial cables, then please be so kind as to explain why just one channel should be affected/