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input button on comcast dvr remote

just got 32' vizio tv.  got everything to work except can't get input button to work to change to aux to use vcr and dvd.  was working on other tv.  any suggestions?
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Re: input button on comcast dvr remote

Do you mean the button won't change from "cable" to "aux", or you can't get the remote to control the vcr/dvd once you have selected "aux"?  Why would changing the TV affect anything other than the TV?
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Re: input button on comcast dvr remote

Try this...


1. press TV
2. press and hold SETUP for two blinks
3. enter 9-9-4
4. tap SETUP for one blink

5. enter 0-0-1-7-4 

6. Push the Input button in the lower left corner of your Comcast Remote.


Now when you are in TV mode that button may work. 


What that is called is an EFC Code (Extended Function Code).  You have to find one that works with your TV.  You can also try LG codes on Vizio TV's.  Some are known to work really well on certain models.