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interruption in service

dear comcast person,


i am trying to connect my DTA to my TV in my bedroom and when i complete the steps for setting it up a message that says " we've detected an interruption in your service" shows up and i would like to know why and also this has happened a couple of previous times as well



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Re: interruption in service

If your DTA has never been activated then you need to call Comcast to get it activated.  If it has been activated and the green light is on steady, then you are good to go.  If it has been activated and you are getting a green light on (for app. 1 second, called long) and then off for a couple of seconds then the DTA is not getting a good signal from the cable (may be none or just weak).  If you are getting short green light on then you should also call Comcast for help.  At least that's the way I understand it...

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Re: interruption in service

You are either seeing a signal level issue or a connection issue to the comcast network.  Press and hold the info button on the remote for a few seconds and you'll get a diagnostic screen.  Page down with the channel down button and it'll take you to the second group of info.  What's the SNR on that one?  Also further down it should say activated and yes or no.