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"nosrc" error message

Ok I see a lot of people are getting answers on here so I will try now also, I had a HD DVR box and I recorded everything in HD. At least 3 times a week I was getting shows that "froze" and it would make the whole box act stupid for a little but then if I exited it woud be ok after a min or two, along with that problem is after recording all the late night tv shows I had it set to record I would get the "nosrc" error message, spoke with comcast who told me to unplus and replug after 5 mins did tat EVERY TIME for months got annoying enough I gotin touch with comcast again and the told me my hard drive ws breaking so to trade in box, I did that last Fri. and already I have had the "nosrc" error code 3 times, this looks like a "new" box, still has plastic protective film over the display. so is this another bad box or bad service... or am I just doomed? ANY HELP??? I really should get credited since I cant watch tv without unplugging and plugging back in almost nightly.

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Re: "nosrc" error message

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I believe your error is a input or HDMI issue between the box and your TV if your using HDMI.


Sometimes there is incompatibilty issues with certain equipment using HDMI.


You can try using component cables between the TV and DVR to see if the issue goes away.


If it doesn't do it on component but does on HDMI, next step would be trying a different HDMI cable.  Check with your TV Mfr's supprot site for firmware upgrades for the TV that frequently fix HDMI issues like this.  Sometimes HDMI just doesn't play nice together and you might need to stick with component cables.


You can also try unplugging the AC power to the TV and DVR for 2 minutes, power up the TV first, then the DVR, that will reset the TV and possibly help it.


Also try changing the video output on the DVR by turning off the DVR and press "menu", that will bring up the user page.  Change the output of the DVR to a different setting, like force it to 1080I and see if that helps.  Normally it would be on "native"

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Re: "nosrc" error message

Same here, same error code. 4 boxes so far, all used or refurbed, and on the 5th customer service call! What is up with this?!


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Re: "nosrc" error message



I've tried all your suggestions and nothing has helped, do you have any other thoughts? Because this is my 4th box and I'm ready to throw it out the window!